Episode 104 Preview

Angry Chidgey

This week’s preview of episode 4 is now online over on MTV UK. All hell breaks out in this week’s episode when Natalee spots Chidgey eyeing up another girl in Jordan’s night club. Even though they aren’t together?!? Chaos breaks out and drinks are flying all over. Which unfortunately for Nicole, receives the majority of it on her. Jordan isn’t pleased the drama is kicking off in his club, and decides to end their night early and kick them out.

According to recent news articles, the bust up in Jordan’s night club leads to Natalee and Chidgey being forced to pack their bags and leave the house.

Jordan later says

“From now on you’re all banned from the venue and I don’t want to work with you guys anymore,
As far as I’m concerned you can all pack your bags and go back to the Valleys.”

Will they be forced to leave the house for good? Or will they be allowed to return on an agreement of good behaviour. Find out in this week’s episode (104) of MTV The Valleys.

Preview can be seen here.

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