Jenna Jonathan

Jenna JonathanForget Legally Blonde, Jenna is The Valleys very own Legally Brunette having just completed a law degree. Just like her heroine Elle Woods, pretty, glam and slightly ditzy, Jenna even carries an adorable pet Chihuahua called Princess around in her handbag.

Despite her A* brain, Jenna wants to use her DD assets – which were an 18th Birthday present from her mum – while she’s still young enough to flaunt them.

She dreams of a career in glamour modelling, “You’re only young once and your looks are going to fade,” she laughs “Law is a bit too boring; I’ve always wanted to model while I still can!”

For some strange reason, people often don’t believe that Jenna studied law. She confesses that she likes it when people underestimate her so she can shock them, insisting, “Just because I look good doesn’t mean I haven’t got brains as well.” The lady makes a good point.

While Jenna is totally loveable, she can be feisty and dislikes snobs and bitchy bullies. “The public are going to like me,” she says. “I’m a nice person but they’re going to see my feisty side as well, I don’t take sh*t from anyone. I’m a really happy, bubbly person but if you piss me off look out!” she warns.

More on Jenna’s bio can be found at MTV.

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I’m Jenna, because I’ve had a boob job, When I tense my muscles I can move my boobs


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